Winning Housie Games

Whether you’re aiming for a small cash prize or hamper, we will give you the best tips to show you how to win housie games.
In this section you’ll find on the following:

  • How to Win Housie
  • Claim Housie Wins
  • Losing Housie Games

How to Win Housie

  • Buy a card for a neighbour. That way, if you want to play one more game and you’re low on funds, they’ll be able to help you out.
  • The less crowded the room, the greater your winning odds. This could mean a smaller prize if the jackpots are not fixed however, as the prize comes from the door sales.
  • The Coverall or Blackout housie games are much longer games and so the chances of successive numbers coming together are higher.

Claim Housie Wins

It’s fairly easy to claim housie wins, just like Bingo, but remember to be 100% sure of your win before you shout ‘Housie’.
Here are some other things to consider:

  • In online housie you do not have to call ‘Housie’ to win as the system automatically records a winning ticket and registers the winning player.
  • Big jackpot winners at online housie sites have to email the site support to claim their prize.
  • In housie halls, when a player claims a prize, the tickets must be checked, which takes about 30 seconds. Once the win has been confirmed, the game carries on for the next prize (2 lines or full house) or stops if the win was a full house win.

Losing Housie Games

While no one likes to lose, losing housie games needn’t be the worst experience ever.
The next time you miss out on a win, bare these points in mind:

  • Housie should be about the fun. If you don’t get a win, but your neighbour gets more than one win, don’t make her feel bad about it.
  • Not winning in a charity game still means you have helped simply by buying tickets. Proceeds of ticket sales go towards many charities.
  • Sometimes players have bad nights, other times they have losing streaks. Even those won’t last forever, so don’t lose sleep over it.

When you’ve found your favorite hall in Australia, New Zealand or UK, winning housie games will be an experience you will soon have for yourself.