Winning Bingo Slots

Just like Bingo, slots are a game of chance, so winning Bingo slots is largely a matter of luck.
However, you can increase your odds of spinning a win by remembering these tips that help you get the maximum potential from your game.
In this section we will teach you more about the following:

  • Slots Winning Tips
  • Bingo Slots Prizes

Slots Winning Tips

Earlier on we gave you some basic pointers for playing progressive slots. These slots winning tips will go into further detail on how you can get the best chances.
Here are the most important things to remember when playing to win slots:

  • Always make sure you check out the paytable BEFORE you place your bets, to see what your betting options are for the game.
  • The general rule of thumb is that the bigger your bet, the bigger the prize. This means that if you bet on the £1 games, and place the highest bet you can bet on this game, your prize will be a lot bigger than if you had placed max bet on a lower value.
  • Look out for the progressive slots games, as these offer a basic jackpot as well as the massive progressive jackpot, so if you win it, you will win a seriously big prize.

Bingo Slots Prizes

Bingo slots prizes vary depending on the bet you place, and the symbols you match.
The slots paytable will tell you exactly how much each symbol is worth, and how much you can win on each line or game.
The average prize for a slots game is about £5 to £100, depending on your stake and bet, but progressive slots prizes can go up to £1,000 to £10,000 and more!
Playing and winning Bingo slots games is a lot of fun, and is every bit as rewarding as the old fashioned slots used to be back in the days before online gaming.
One of the best things about Bingo slots is that you don’t have to leave your Bingo game to enjoy them – all you need to do is click to open a slots game and you can play right away.
Keep reading to find out about how you can win Bingo sweepstakes.