Win Bingo Sweeps

Anyone could win Bingo sweepstakes, and this contest is entirely down to luck of the draw.
It may help to keep that lucky rabbit’s foot with you, but sadly there are no ways to increase your chances of winning.
In this section we’ll give you some pointers on the following:

  • Sweepstakes Prizes
  • Sweepstakes Scams

Sweepstakes Prizes

In Bingo, you generally stand to win bonus money or cash prizes, but there have been some amazing sweepstakes prizes in other types.
Here are some of the most interesting sweeps prizes seen over the years:

  • In the US, Pepsi sponsored a sweepstakes in which entrants could win a chance to take Bulls player Tyson Chandler to school. Entrants had to be current elementary through high school students, and had to buy Pepsi products in the timeframe of the sweepstakes.
  • IKEA sponsored sweepstakes in which entrants stood to win a kitchen makeover, of up to £100,000.00.
  • Hills pet food have sponsored sweepstakes in which you can win a lifetime supply of pet food for your cat or dog.

Sweepstakes Scams

There is no feeling like winning a huge cash prize in a sweepstakes contest. But what if you hadn’t entered the contest? And what if you were told you needed to pay a huge ‘release fee’ or tax fee?
What if you were a victim of one of the many sweepstakes scams being run throughout the world?
Sweeps scams have seen many players duped into thinking they’ve won, only to be scammed into giving money to get their ‘prize’, which turns out to be a dud.
Here are some ways to protect yourself against these scams:

  • Only ever enter sweepstakes at a reliable place that you trust. Online Bingo sites are by far the safest sweepstakes, as you can be sure that you have a real chance to win.
  • If you receive an email telling you that you’re won, check it for errors, bad grammar, odd email addresses or anything else that looks dodgy.
  • If you have not entered a contest, you will not win a prize. Never fall for the scammer’s claim that you were randomly chosen.

Make sure you enter to win Bingo sweepstakes for massive prizes!