UK Bingo

UK Bingo is the traditional Bingo game that we have been playing in the country for ages. This game has all the rhyming slang one comes to expect from Bingo in the UK, and is as British as fish and chips.

90 Ball Bingo

The type of Bingo played in the UK is 90 Ball Bingo, which as you can guess, uses 90 numbers in the game.
The game is played with tickets containing a 3 x 9 grid of random numbers from 1 to 90, in no particular order.
90 ball games are usually played in sessions, and players usually buy strips. A strip is a set of 6 tickets. Players can also choose to buy a certain number of strips, also called a book.

Playing UK Bingo

Playing UK Bingo is great fun, and the best part is that there are three different prizes that you could win, which ups your chances of winning a prize.
Here is how the UK Bingo game is played:

  • Players mark off numbers on their tickets as they are called, and must try and fill their tickets as quickly as they can.
  • The 1 line prize is called ‘Line’, in which players must mark off any line across on the ticket.
  • The next prize is 2 Lines, and this means that players must mark off any 2 lines on the ticket.
  • The final prize is the jackpot prize, and this is the Full House, meaning that players must make sure all 3 rows are filled to win the main prize.
  • The same player can win all 3 prizes, but usually these prizes are split amongst 2 or 3 players.
  • Sometimes more than 1 player can win the game. When this happens, the prize is split equally between the players.

UK Bingo can be played both at halls as well online, with many Bingo websites offering 90 Ball games for you to enjoy.
In this country, Bingo is a highly popular sport – with many UK celebs including Katie Price and Robbie Williams all enjoying a game when they get a chance.
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