UK Bingo Players

UK Bingo players are found in almost every hall across the United Kingdom and all have one thing in common – they love 90-ball Bingo!
In this section you will learn more about the following players across the country:

  • London Bingo Players
  • Scottish Bingo Players
  • Irish Bingo Players

London Bingo Players

London Bingo players are often young and trendy as many clubs are in the city areas.
The biggest clubs in London are Mecca and Gala, and between them, they make up 8 million members!
You may see celebs like Robbie Williams at one of these trendy clubs, as he reportedly loves playing the game when he isn’t touring or in concert.
The biggest club is the Kilburn Mecca Bingo. Located in what was considered the biggest movie theatre in the country back in 1937, this Italian Renaissance masterpiece is as glitzy a venue as it gets.

Scottish Bingo Players

Scottish Bingo players smoke the most out of all over players, and are also very fond of the game both online and offline.
The most popular Bingo club in Scotland is the Calton Bingo Club, which has halls all across the country.
Bingo is one of the most popular activities in Scotland, despite a drop in numbers since a law was passed to stop smoking in Bingo venues in Scotland and other UK countries.
Online Bingo is a big success in Scotland too, with many young and older players logging on after work for a fun and relaxing game of Bingo.

Irish Bingo Players

Irish Bingo players include celebrities such as Glenda Garson, the Irish actress who is reported to be a huge online Bingo fan, as well as former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona.
Bingo halls and clubs in Ireland can be found in almost every town and city in the country, and the most popular clubs are Calton, Mecca and Gala.
Ireland is one of the top bingo playing countries in Europe, coming in very closely behind Britain, Sweden and Spain.
No matter what part of the United Kingdom they hail from, UK Bingo players are united in their unwavering love of the game, both online and in halls across the UK.