Sports Betting

Sports betting is a fun way to win big prizes by placing bets on your favourite sport to guess the outcome of the game.
There are many different sports that you can bet on, including some that are not too sporty such as politics, but we have put together a list of the most popular and well-known sports which are bet on.
Here are the two most common sports that are bet on:

  • Football Bets
  • Horse Racing Bets

Football Bets

Football bets are placed on the winner of the match, and is quite a clear cut bet with simple outcomes.

  • You simply need to place a wager on the team you are supporting, and follow the updates page to see how they place in the game.
  • There are a number of matches you can bet on, ranging from small national games to large games such as Fifa World Cup or UAFA Champions League.
  • All you need to do is open an account, or if you have a casino account with sites such as William Hill Bingo you simply need to place your bets and watch to see how your team places.

Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing bets have a number of betting options which all give you a chance to win based on the outcome of the bet and the bet you placed.
Here are the most common bets in horse racing:

  • Win – You bet your horse to finish first. If your horse wins you collect.
  • Place – You bet your horse to finish second. If your horse finishes first or second you win.
  • Show – You bet your horse to finish third. If your horse finishes first, second or third you win.
  • Across The Board – You bet your horse to win, place and show. If your horse finishes anywhere in the first three positions you win.
  • Win-Place – You bet your horse to win and place. If your horse finishes in either of the first two positions you win.

Sports betting is a great alternative for a side game to play alongside Bingo as they offer all the action and excitement of the game as well as the chance to win big.