Poker Games

Poker games are widely considered one of the most popular games in the world, second only to Bingo.
In this section you’ll be able to find out more about the following:

  • Online Poker Rules
  • Play Poker Games

Online Poker Rules

It may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you have learnt the basic online poker rules, you will soon be on your way to playing the game.
The most important thing to know in order to play is what the possible hands are needed to win the game.
This will be what combinations you have with your 5 cards used in the game, which will ultimately determine your prize and odds.
Here are the hands used in poker:

  • Royal Flush – A, K, Q, J, 10 all of the same suit
  • Straight Flush – any 4 cards in a sequence
  • Four of a Kind – any 4 of the same suit
  • Full House – 3 of a kind combined with a pair
  • Flush – any 5 cards of a suit, not in sequence
  • Straight – 5 cards in a sequence, but not in a suit
  • Three of  a Kind – any 3 of the same suit
  • Two Pair – 2 separate pairs
  • Pair – 2 cards of the same rank

You can learn more poker basics and tips in this handy poker guide.

Play Poker Games

Now that you have the basic idea of how the game works, you can start finding out what you options are to play poker games.
Here are some of the most popular poker types you could choose:

  • Video Poker is almost like a cross between slots and poker, and is won by matching up symbols on slots reels.
  • Texas Holdem Poker is the traditional and most popular form of poker, where each player has 2 cards and the table has 5 cards.
  • Download Poker Games are online poker games that can be downloaded to play on your computer.
  • Live Poker Games are Flash poker game which can be played from any computer, anywhere in the world.

It’s not as easy to play as Bingo, but poker games are highly popular around the world.