Play Bingo Slots

There are just a few basic things to know before you play Bingo slots.
The rules are very simple and the games are really easy to play, so in no time you will get the hang of the game.
In this section we’ll give you some tips on the following:

  • Playing Bingo Slots
  • Bingo Slots Themes
  • Bingo Slots Tournament

Playing Bingo Slots

Playing Bingo slots online is lots of fun and is not that different from playing at casinos and clubs.
Here are a few slots terms you may come across:

  • 3 Reel / 5 Reel. This is the number of reels that turn in the game, which contain the symbols. When the reels stop spinning, you win if all your symbols in the row match.
  • Slots Paytable. This is the board that tells you how much each symbol is worth, how much you could win per line and how much to bet.
  • Bet Max. Bet max allows you to stake the highest wager on the slots game. This increases your chances, and also increases the prize.

Bingo Slots Themes

Bingo slots themes make the games more fun, and have come a long way from the simple fruit themed slots in Vegas.
Here are some of the best slots themes we’ve seen around:

  • Slots & Robbers. This fun theme is based on the children’s game, and symbols include money sacks, handcuffs, masks and policeman’s caps.
  • Vegas Veg. This is a new take on the fruity classic, and features vegetable characters such as carrots, celery, broccoli and leeks.
  • Ladies Night. This fun theme features feminine symbols such as lippy, heels, handbags, jewelry and shopping.

Bingo Slots Tournaments

Bingo slots tournaments offer players a chance to add up all their slots win over a set time frame, which is usually a weekend.
Tournaments are won by achieving the most spins or the most wins over the time period, and usually the top 10 to top 20 players win prizes.
Prizes for these tournaments could be cash or bonus points which can be used to play Bingo games.
Next up, we’ll be sharing some tips on winning Bingo slots games.