Online Bingo Withdrawal

After playing a few games, you finally hit the jackpot – now how do you go about making on online Bingo withdrawal?
In this section we will tell you more about cashing out your wins:

  • Bingo Cashout Rules
  • Bingo Playthrough

Bingo Cashout Rules

Bingo cashout rules will help you find out how much you can cashout at a time, and are important to familiarize so that you know how the process works.
Here are some basic cashout guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Like deposit limits, there are also limits on the minimum and maximum you may cashout in a certain time period.
  • The minimum is often the same as the minimum deposit, which is usually between £10 and £20 per transaction.
  • The maximum varies from site to site, but is usually around £5,000 per transaction or per day.
  • At most sites, you may not withdraw prize winnings unless you have funded your account. In other words, if you have been playing with free money from a sign up bonus, and win a prize, you may not cash it out unless you have made a deposit.
  • This is to make things fair on players who do fund their accounts, and prevents players from abusing the free money system.

Bingo Playthrough

Bingo playthrough is the term used for wagering requirements needed to withdraw a prize.
This sounds a bit complicated, but is actually rather simple. It simply means that you need to have brought a certain amount of games before being eligible to withdraw your winnings if you have not yet made a deposit.
Here is some more information on playthrough requirements and how they work:

  • The average playthrough requirement at most Bingo sites is anything from 10 to 20 x the bonus.
  • For instance, if you get a £20 bonus and use it to play, you would have to spend 10 times £20 (£200) to withdraw any prize won from this bonus.
  • These requirements are put into place to ensure free and fair gaming for all players.

Before you are ready to make your online Bingo withdrawal, always remember to read the rules and follow the guidelines provided by the Bingo site.