Online Bingo Schedule

The online Bingo schedule is highly important for players as this is where you can find out what games are being played in each room.
Schedules also tell you how much tickets cost for each game, and other key information.
In this section we will tell you more about schedules, including the following:

  • Bingo Game Times
  • Chat Game Schedule

Bingo Game Times

Bingo game times are set around the number of games played in each hour, which in 90-ball Bingo is six games per hour.
The schedule has the following layout and information:

  • Time – usually from 01h00 AM to Midnight, broken down into hour sections of 6 games per hour (that‘s a game every 6 minutes).
  • Club or Room – this is the Bingo room where the games are played, some sites only have one main room, while sites like William Hill have a number of clubs to choose from.
  • Ticket Price – this tells you how much tickets will cost for every game on the schedule, which helps you to plan your games ahead of time. The average price of tickets ranges from 5p to £1.
  • Pattern / Game Type – some sites also include the line jackpots for each game, and if it is 75-ball Bingo then the pattern for each game is included.

Chat Game Schedule

The chat game schedule is sometimes linked to the main schedule, but most often this is a separate schedule.
Chat games are played every hour, usually at the end of the hour, and are rotated over the day to ensure that games are not repeated.
Some games require a busier room, so chat schedules are carefully planned to make sure that the games needing more players are played at peak times, while the games not needing many players are left for quieter times.
Some sites stop chat games in the very quiet times, or if there are less than 3 players in the room. If there is no Chat Host in the room, then often that will mean no chat games as well as there is no one to supervise the games.
Make sure you check out the online Bingo schedule before you start playing to see what the best time is to play games.