Online Bingo Room

The online Bingo room is the hub of the Bingo website, and is where all the playing, winning and fun goes down.
In this section we will reveal more about the following:

  • Bingo Chat Hosts
  • Online Bingo Chat Room

Bingo Chat Hosts

Bingo Chat Hosts, also called CH’s, Game Hosts or Chat Managers are the friendly and helpful people who man the chat rooms and keep order.
Here are some of the duties the Chat Host performs in the Bingo room:

  • Keeps order and control in the room to make sure players are following Bingo Chat Etiquette and not causing any disturbances.
  • Plays chat games to give players a chance to win bonus points and have fun while they play Bingo games.
  • Answers questions from players and assists with information and any issues that may arise.
  • Informs players of promotions and specials, as well as jackpots and other goings on at the Bingo site.
  • Welcomes players and creates a fun, warm environment for new players and regulars alike.

Online Bingo Chat Room

The online Bingo chat room is the place where players can go to chat and have fun while they play their Bingo games.
Here are some of the fun things you can do in the chat room:

  • Play fun chat games, such as Trivia games where you need to answer trivia or general knowledge questions, number games where you need to pick numbers and see if they come out in the game, Karaoke games in which you need to guess the name of a song from the first line or buddy games where your nabor and you can win.
  • Make friends and have fun. Chat gives you a chance to meet other players, discuss your day, cheer each other on, comfort each other after a loss and have fun while you are playing your game of Bingo.
  • Customise your chat area. You can use emoticons to show your moods, and use colours to suite your style, which offer added fun to the chat.

As you can see, the online Bingo room is a very fun place indeed – where winning is just as important as making friends.