Online Bingo Myths

There are many online Bingo myths floating around cyberspace, but how do you know which is fact and which is fiction?
In this section we’ll tell you more about Bingo fiction, and help you discover the following:

  • Bingo Superstitions
  • Bingo Lures
  • Bingo Facts

Bingo Superstitions

There have always been many Bingo superstitions in halls and clubs around the world, as well as online.
While most of these superstitions are ungrounded, no player wants to chance their luck, which keeps the myths alive for years and years to follow.
Here are some interesting superstitions some players have to help them stay lucky:

  • Many players keep some sort of lucky charm with them – a rabbit foot, lucky B15 ball, four leaf clover or lucky scarf.
  • Some players in land-based halls insist on sitting in the exact same seat every time.
  • Many online players only play at certain hours of the day, and always buy the same number of cards.

Bingo Lures

It is no secret that Bingo is one of the most popular games online or in halls, but what are the Bingo lures that really draw people to the game?
Some people believe that thinking positively and visualizing themselves having a big fun can actually help them win.
While we will never know how much this helps, we do know that winning once or twice often helps you to win more often.
This creates the biggest lure – once you have gotten a taste of winning, you often find it that your luck stays good and you will get another win.

Bingo Facts

So now that you know the myths, what about the solid Bingo facts?
Here are some proven facts on the Bingo game and your odds of winning:

  • The more players in a game, the less chance you have of winning. However, the higher the number of players, the higher the jackpot.
  • Many players win big jackpots on a single ticket. Often, this is a low cost game.
  • Playing chat games and earning bonus points is the best way to make your cards go further.

Whatever you choose to believe, perhaps there really is some fact in online Bingo myths!