Online Bingo Features

Online Bingo features allow you to customize your Bingo games to ensure the best possible Bingo experience.
In this section we will tell you more about the following:

  • Best Bingo Features
  • Online Bingo Fun

Best Bingo Features

The best Bingo features are those that allow you the most control over your settings and game preferences, and those that make the game as easy and user-friendly to play.
Features come in two different categories:

  • Game Features. These are important features that make the games more functional and easy to use. These could include features such as Schedule Buy, side games, ticket selection features, auto claim, and other important features used in the game.
  • User Preferences. These are the fun features that allow you to customize your game. This could include sound volumes, chat colours, dauber colours, shapes and styles, auto-daub on or off and other preferences. You can changes these settings in the Game Options section in the game.

Games such as William Hill Bingo have great features, and offer a wide range of user preferences for players to customize their game settings.

Online Bingo Fun

Online Bingo fun combined with big prizes and good customer service ensures that players keep coming back to their favourite site.
Here are some things to look out for to see how much fun a site will be:

  • How many different side games and extra games other than Bingo does the site offer? The more games on offer, the more chances you have to win, and the more variety and fun you will have.
  • How busy and lively is the chat room on an average day? A busy chat room needn’t be packed with players, but it should be lively and fun – even in the early hours with only a few players in the room, there should be chat and laughs.
  • How well does the Chat Host interact with players in the chat room? Is he or she playing chat games, and how well do they players seem to like the CH?

Online Bingo features are like the icing on the cake – they add a fun touch to the basics of good prizes and games.