Online Bingo Clubs

Online Bingo clubs are also known as online Bingo rooms, and are where all the Bingo games and chat games are played.
In this section we will tell you everything you need to know about the following:

  • Bingo Room Themes
  • Multiple Chat Rooms

Bingo Room Themes

Some sites have Bingo room themes for each club, which are designed around the club name.
This adds a bit of extra fun to the game and gives each room its own atmosphere and style.
Here are some examples of what a room theme could be:

  • It could be themed for a special holiday or season such as Christmas, Valentines Day or New Years.
  • It could be an interest or hobby based theme such as shopping, coffee breaks, lounges or retro years.
  • It could be a fun nature theme such as rainbows, autumn, summer, winter, spring, underwater, butterflies or waterfalls.
  • It could be themed to countries, such as China, Japan, Mexico, Spain or France.
  • It could be themed around a famous person or celebrity, with pictures and a name to fit in with the theme.
  • It could be colour coded, and have backgrounds and room name themed for that colour.

Multiple Chat Rooms

Multiple chat rooms allow players more than one chat room to choose from, often each with its own theme and name.
Here is some more information on multiple rooms for chat:

  • There is usually always a main chat room which is the default room that players will enter when they get into the Bingo room.
  • Players can then choose from a drop down menu which room they would like to chat in, and by clicking on the room, they enter their chosen room.
  • Players can also open multiple chat windows if they wish to chat privately to another player or the Chat Host on duty.
  • This is done by clicking on the tabs at the top of the chat box, and inviting people to the chat is done by clicking on the player names.

The best thing about online Bingo clubs of course is the fun, friendly and relaxing environment – which allows players to enjoy their game and chat to fellow players.