Irish Bingo

Irish Bingo is Bingo as it’s played in the beautiful country of Ireland.
In this section we’ll tell you more about the following:

  • Irish Bingo Celebrities
  • Irish Online Bingo

Irish Bingo Celebrities

Glenda Gilson, the lovely Irish model, is the most famous of the Irish Bingo celebrities.
Rehab Bingo, one of Ireland‘s leading online Bingo sites, features Glenda as one of their ambassadors.

  • This Irish Bingo site is a fund-raising activity for a leading Ireland social services group.
  • Glenda has her own 90 ball Bingo room at this site, which also features the model on the home page.
  • Glenda also has her own guaranteed game on weekends, with its own special jackpot.
  • Her room also has ladies nights as well as lads nights to add to the fun.
  • These games offer players more chances to win, as well as good entertainment for the room.

Irish Online Bingo

Other than Rehab Bingo, the most popular Irish online Bingo sites are the same across the UK.
Here are the most frequented clubs across the entire UK area:

  • Mecca Clubs. Mecca Bingo clubs can be found in almost every town in the UK and Europe. Players can play online via the Mecca online hall or in land bingo halls.
  • Gala Clubs. Gala Bingo comes in a very close second, and is also one of the UK’s leading bingo venues. Gala also offers online games.
  • Local Community Hall. Nothing can top the friendly neighbourhood Bingo club in your area for community spirit and fun.

From Dublin to Cork, you will be able to find a good Irish Bingo game throughout the entire Emerald Isle.