Infamous Bingo Felonies

Whilst most people associate bingo with groups of mature people socialising in council bingo halls, there are some whose passion for the game ventures beyond the boundaries of sanity and into outright obsession.  The following is a gallery of bingo fanatics whose obsession with the game landed them behind bars.

Suspect #1 Leticia Villareal Garcia

Leticia Garcia enjoyed nothing more than spending her evenings playing bingo at the local bingo hall. In fact, she liked it so much that when it began to drain her bank account, she was forced to think quickly and make a plan.
This plan was to grow and sell copious amounts of prime grade marijuana. The fact that she was finally caught with over 100 kilograms of weed in the trunk of her car on the way to the bingo hall, suggests that she was dealing to her bingo buddies. The exploits of this 62-year old ‘pimpette’ earned her a lenient 3-year sentence.

Suspect #2 Lorie A. Creekmore

Lorie A. Creekmore was drawn to the dark side of bingo when she began doling out fraudulent cheques to support her habit. Over a 6- year period Creekmore became a bingo outlaw, poking out numbers on bingo cards in bingo joints throughout Virginia, while always managing to stay one step ahead of police.
However, it was the police who had the last laugh. A massive sting operation involving undercover detectives, presumably disguised as 70-year old female pensioners, finally culminated with Creekmore being captured at the Suburban Bingo Hall on Tidewater Drive. Creekmore was subsequently found guilty on nine counts of fraud and promptly sent to jail.

Suspect #3 Mayor Larry Langford

Mayor Larry Langford did his bit for the rich and varied tradition of corruption amongst politicians, when he was bust for playing rigged bingo machines in his local Alabama casino. Langford, it seemed, had the knack of hitting the jackpot in the casino’s bingo slots game, winning the machine’s biggest prize 3 times.
In the twilight zone known as politics, where presidents are killed by magic bullets, and a wealthy chimpanzee can serve two terms as commander in chief, this type of thing might not be unusual. However, casino patrons felt differently and soon lodged a civil lawsuit against their corrupt mayor, claiming that casino staff had rigged the machine to help him win tens of thousands of dollars.

Suspect #4 Sandra Preston

Sandra Preston, an employee at a Total garage in the United Kingdom, earned her 15 minutes of fame by defrauding her employer to support her bingo habit. During a period of several years Preston channelled revenue from the petrol station into her online bingo account.
Unfortunately for Preston, the truth was revealed when the owner of the Total garage decided to sell his business, and discovered that his books weren’t balancing to the tune of £62 722. Preston was promptly charged with fraud, and got off lightly with a 6-month jail sentence.