Housie Tips

Make sure you check out these brilliant housie tips to get the most from your housie game.
In this section we’ll let you in on the following tips:

  • Housie Game Tips
  • Housie Party Tips
  • Find Housie Halls Tips

Housie Game Tips

Housie is a game of chance, and just like Bingo it’s all about luck. Take a look at these housie game tips and perhaps your luck will change!
Here are some pointers to follow to up your game:

  • Only buy as many tickets as you can keep track of fairly easily.
  • Never spend more than you can afford, set yourself a budget and stick to it.
  • The more expensive the card the more the prize will be.
  • Always keep a few spare daubers in your bag in case yours runs dry.
  • Make sure you cover up a mistake by marking it in a different colour ink.
  • Bring a cushion – those chairs get very hard after a few hours!

Housie Party Tips

Want to have a party that your guests will never forget? Try these housie party tips for a fun night of housie.
Fun party ideas could include the following:

  • Christmas Housie: These cards use Christmas symbols instead of numbers, and players need to match the symbols on their cards to those called out.
  • New Years Housie: Similar to Christmas bingo, winners must mark off all their pictures on their cards to win the game.
  • Happy Hour Housie: Strictly for adults, players must drink a shooter when they win a line either across, down or diagonally.

Find Housie Halls Tips

Finding your perfect hall is a click away when you have these great find housie hall tips!
Housie hall locators are the quickest and most reliable way to find halls in your area. Simply click on the links to find a hall nearby, and you will see their details.
Here are a few housie hall locators to help you get started:

With these handy housie tips, we are sure that you’ll be playing and winning in no time at all!