Housie Rules

Whether you are playing online or at your local Sydney hall, the most essential thing to do before you play is to read the housie rules.
In this section we’ll tell you more about these important things to consider:

  • Housie Hall Rules
  • Housie Prize Win Rules
  • Online Housie Games Rules

Housie Hall Rules

Rules for each hall, church group or club may vary, but there are still a few pointers to remember when playing.
The following housie hall rules will make the game fun and fair for everyone involved:

  • Ensure that you keep track of your numbers correctly. Make extra sure that you’re 100% sure before shouting housie – it can be very frustrating and embarrassing if you don’t have a housie but you call out.
  • Don’t distract people around you while the game is being played. If you have something to say, wait for a few minutes until the round is over.
  • Tolerance and respect is crucial. Remember that everyone is there to have fun, so try not to make it less fun for others by moaning about not winning or making another player feel bad for winning a few games in a row.
  • Don’t try and interfere with other player’s numbers. If they’re not able to watch their tickets properly, rather suggest they get less tickets until they feel confident enough to manage more than try and look for them yourself.

Housie Prize Win Rules

You should always make of the housie prize win rules at your local hall or housie site before you start playing to avoid any potential misunderstandings.
Here are a few basic housie prize winning guidelines:

  • In New Zealand, housie is only allowed to be played in licensed clubs or if it is a charity game, the organisers have to have a license.
  • Players who may not take part in the games include organisers and their contractors or employees, housie club owners or venue owners, under 18’s and drunk persons.
  • Players must make a claim for their prize before the next number in the game is selected.
  • More than one player can win the prize, if this happens the jackpot will be split equally.

Remember, safety and etiquette is what makes the game fair and fun for all players – so make sure you follow these housie rules to get the most from your housie experience.