Housie Players

So you know that you can’t get enough of housie, but who else makes up the percentage of housie players around the world?
In this section we’ll tell you more about the following players:

  • Aus Housie Players
  • NZ Housie Players
  • UK Housie Players

Aus Housie Players

Aus housie players can be found across the Australian continent.
Here are some of the key characteristics and interesting facts about Australian players:

  • Russell Crowe is allegedly a huge housie fan, and has even made guest appearances as a caller at his local club.
  • Australians like to have a good few drinks and smokes during their housie, and most halls do not have a smoking ban in place.
  • Many Australians prefer playing land based housie than online housie, but the internet version is slowing gaining popularity.

  • Some Aus residents set up small housie tables outdoors on their patios, to play small friendly games with mates.

NZ Housie Players

Like Australian players, NZ housie players are a fun loving lot who enjoy housie as a source of entertainment rather than money-making.

  • Most New Zealanders play housie at charity or social organized housie events, where the game is part of an evening’s entertainment alongside a dinner, BBQ, raffle and socializing.
  • The average player, like in the UK, is female, aged between 30 and 70.
  • Most players are smokers who are often able to smoke at their local games, especially the function type events, as these are often organized by companies instead of state gambling organizations.

UK Housie Players

UK housie players make up the greater part of England, Whales, Ireland and Scotland, especially the older, more traditional parts such as Lancashire.

  • Most UK players are not permitted to smoke in their local halls, yet the majority of them are smokers.
  • This has seen a significant drop in numbers at many local halls, and a rise in online housie players.
  • The average UK player is female, middle-aged and middle income group, although many younger players are joining.

Whatever part of the world you are from, as one of the world’s housie players the one thing you have in common is the love of the game.