Housie Jackpot Games

Housie jackpot games range from growing progressive jackpot games to fixed housie games.
In this section we will discuss the following types of jackpot:

  • Housie Cash Jackpots
  • Fixed Housie Jackpots
  • Progressive Housie Jackpots

Cash Housie Jackpots

Cash Housie Jackpots are special jackpot games that are often played as charity games.
This is how these jackpots are played:

  • Cash housie games have cash prize jackpots as the name implies. These range from £100 to over £1,000 depending on the number of players in the game.
  • The prize for these jackpots is taken from ticket sales for these specific games, which is then presented to the chosen charity in its full amount.
  • Some housie halls have a similar concept called Cookie Jar Jackpots or Cash Jar Jackpots. These work in the same way, except that players put their ticket money into the jar, which is then kept at the front of the hall.

Fixed Housie Jackpots

Fixed housie jackpots are guaranteed housie games that have a set prize.
Here is some more info on guaranteed games and how they work:

  • Fixed housie pots are funded partly by the ticket purchase and partly by the operators who also fund the jackpot.
  • Ticket prices for these fixed games are usually set at a higher price.
  • In online housie, there is usually at least one fixed jackpot game per day, sometimes up to five a day.
  • Some online games may set a limit on the number of tickets players can buy for the fixed jackpot game, while others have usual ticket buy limits on those games.

Progressive Housie Jackpots

Progressive housie Jackpots, also called PJPs are jackpots that keep growing until they have been won.
Here’s a bit more about how PJPs work:

  • The PJP grows daily, weekly, or monthly if it is not won in a specific number of calls.
  • If there is no winner in the set number of calls, consolation prizes of lesser values will be paid to the player who wins housie.
  • Different types of progressive games add prize value or numbers, or both, to the PJP.
  • There is usually a separate ticket buy-in for PJP games.
  • PJP ticket prices are usually higher than other games or jackpots.

Keep playing housie jackpot games, and you are almost guaranteed a big win.