Housie Equipment

Housie equipment is what makes the housie game possible – without this equipment, the game can not be played.
In this section we’ll reveal more about the following:

  • Housie Supplies
  • Party Housie Supplies
  • Housie Novelties

Housie Supplies

From tickets to housie balls, housie supplies make the games happen.
These supplies are exactly the same as Bingo supplies, which means that items such as the following items make up the basics of housie:

  • Housie Daubers. These are special markers that players use to dab their numbers on their tickets. They come in all colour and shapes, and some are even collectable items.
  • Housie Tickets. These are the 9×3 grid cards that hold all your numbers. As you hear them called, you mark them off of your tickets.
  • Housie Balls. These give the caller the numbers from 1 and 90, which you then mark off. These numbers are randomly selected to keep the games fair.
  • Housie Machines. These all-in-one housie stations include the number board, as well as ball cage or blower to mix the balls, and sometimes a jackpot function.

Party Housie Supplies

Party housie supplies are essential when planning a private housie event.
There are many types of housie parties to consider if you are looking for a unique and fun theme for a function, such as a Bridal Shower housie party or a Baby Shower housie bash.
Whatever your theme, here are some of the basics you will need for your party:

  • Housie cards. You can make these yourself, print them from your computer, or buy them from shops or in packs.
  • Housie balls and blower. You can usually get these in a set along with the cards and daubers, or you can buy them separately.
  • Number board. Make your own or buy it from a shop. This will contain the numbers 1 to 90 for you to use to play the game.
  • Daubers. You can find fun themed dabbers to suit your party, or use plain coloured ones. Many party housie sets include themed daubers in the set.
  • Caller. For an added bit of fun, hire a caller for your party, otherwise ask someone who likes to talk to call the numbers for you. Print out rhyming slang beforehand so that you can have traditional housie calls.

Whether you’re looking for basic housie equipment or something a bit more specific, you can always find the right supplies for the game.