Enter Bingo Sweepstakes

Now that you have learnt a bit more about how they work, you are ready to enter Bingo sweepstakes to be eligible for some great sweeps prizes!
In this section we will tell you more about the following sweeps aspects:

  • Bingo Hall Sweeps
  • Sweepstakes Rules

Bingo Hall Sweeps

Bingo hall sweeps are, as the name implies, the traditional version of Bingo sweepstakes contests.
These work along the same lines that online sweeps work, but real tickets are used, similar to raffle tickets.
Here is how sweeps are played at Bingo halls across the country:

  • Players buy a sweepstakes ticket from the door salesperson, which gets them an entry into the current month’s draw.
  • Like a raffle, players receive a draw number, which is randomly generated from a number generator.
  • On the sweeps draw night, the winning ticket is drawn and the player receives the prize, which is often proceeds from the house taken over a month.
  • Often, if the sweepstakes is not won, it goes forward to the following month and becomes a progressive jackpot.

Sweepstakes Rules

Sweepstakes rules are important to remember to ensure that you are able to claim your prize if you win.
Mostly these rules are basic points to follow for playing any games at the site, but especially when it comes to winning sweepstakes.
Here are some of the rules to follow:

  • Players need to abide by the standard rules and conditions of the site that is offering the sweepstakes.
  • Most sites do not allow multiple accounts, which means that players can not register for further accounts using different log in names.
  • Players who don’t follow this rule can risk disqualification on the sweepstakes for which they’ve entered, and worse still, they could be banned from their Bingo site for good.
  • Most sites only allow players to enter the sweepstake contest once for the month of entry.
  • The most important rule is that you need to be a depositing player to enter sweepstakes contests to ensure fairness.

Make sure you’ve read the rules of the contest before you enter Bingo sweepstakes to ensure you don’t risk losing your prize should you hit the big time.