Christmas Bingo

Christmas bingo can be played as a land-based game or online. This game is a great way for bingo lovers to start the festive season on a positive note – by playing their favorite game.
Many online Bingo sites have special Christmas bingo specials and games run over the holiday such as promotions and special games that are run over the 12 Days of Christmas. Players are given extra chances to win, and there is also a very festive atmosphere on the site and in the chat.
Many sites also have special Christmas related patterns on their games, and chat games are also often themed to the holiday.

Christmas Bingo Cards

In land-based bingo games special cards are made that have Christmas symbols, or traditional numbers for players to bingo on which is a variation of the usual bingo game. The pictures on the cards can be holiday related things like Christmas trees, holly berries, nativity scenes, snowflakes and such.
They could also feature words relating to the holiday, such as ‘Christmas’, ‘snow’, ‘jingle bells’ and so on. The aim of the game is still to cross off items as they are called, and the winner of the game is the player who has marked off either all items on their card, or five items in a row (down, across and diagonally).
Another festive variation of Christmas bingo is traditional number bingo, but instead of calling “Bingo” when a player wins bingo, the winner calls “Santa” or “Merry Christmas”. The games using special holiday cards can also be played with this variation.

Christmas Bingo Sets

Many people host special Christmas bingo parties every year using Christmas Bingo sets.
These are really simple to make or buy, and it is a cost effective and entertaining way to celebrate the holidays.
All that is needed is some cards, which can either be purchased, printed from the internet or handmade, and then daubers or markers, bingo balls or pictures correlating to the bingo card pictures and a sense of fun.
Whether you are playing a game at your local hall, hosting your own Christmas Bingo party, or playing at your chosen online bingo site, you will be guaranteed to have a festive, fun time.