Bingo Tournaments

Bingo tournaments are a series of bingo games that are held over a certain time period, usually over a weekend or a few consecutive days.
In this section we’ll tell you about the two main types of tournaments:

  • Bingo Hall Tournaments
  • Online Bingo Tournaments

Bingo Hall Tournaments

Bingo hall tournaments are held over special weekends or holidays.

  • These are often organised by churches or non-profit organisations to raise money for charity.
  • Many schools also host bingo tournaments to raise money for school events or for items needed by the school. These are usually arranged by a school committee of parents and teachers.
  • A number of Bingo games are played throughout the tournament, and the winners of the tournament are the players who have won the most games throughout the event.
  • Usually there are a number of winners, from first place to twentieth place or lower. While many charity tournaments are not played for cash prizes, winners can still win other prizes.
  • Often these prizes are donated especially for the Bingo tournament, and often consist of hampers and gift vouchers.

Online Bingo Tournaments

Online Bingo tournaments work much the same way, expect that these tournaments are played for money, so the prizes are cash prizes.

  • Most online tournaments work using a point system, so players earn certain points for every game they win on certain days in the tournament.
  • Players who have scored the most points win the tournament. Many online Bingo sites have additional competitions or draws in which players can enter by making a deposit.
  • Some free online Bingo sites only give cash prizes for tournaments. Every game a player wins throughout the month adds up, and although these games are played for bonus credits or fun bucks, players who have won the most games throughout the month have the chance to win cash prizes.
  • Some online Bingo sites hold different types of tournaments each weekend. These include chat game tournaments, in which the players who have won the most chat games throughout the weekend win cash prizes.

If you’re looking for some fast-paced Bingo action over a weekend or time frame, then Bingo tournaments are a fun way to earn extra prizes.