Bingo Tickets

In 90 Ball games, Bingo tickets are used instead of bingo cards. These tickets are usually made of paper, and are sold at the door prior to the game.
In online Bingo, tickets are purchased virtually, either using schedule-buy features to pre-buy tickets, or by selecting the ticket and purchasing for the next game.
You can also choose to have new tickets shown if you don’t like the tickets displayed in the game. This is done by clicking the ‘get new tickets’ button inside the Bingo game.

90 Ball Bingo Ticket

Each 90 Ball Bingo ticket has 3 rows containing 9 squares. Each ticket has randomly selected numbers from 1 to 90, which are no particular order.
There are no letters, and only 5 squares in the row contain numbers, the others are left blank.
Tickets are sold in books as well as sessions, which make it easier to know how many games there will be in the session.

Winning Lines

Bingo wins are not determined on patterns, but players aim on winning lines. Players can either win 1 line, 2 lines or Full House (all 3 lines).
Each line has its own prize, with the Full House prize being the jackpot or biggest prize of the game.
90 Ball games are usually played in sessions, which are set blocks of games, usually over an hour.
To play a session, you need to buy the set number of tickets needed to claim the session jackpot (which is the final game of the session).
Here is how it all works:

  • In a housie game, the caller will announce each number as each ball is released from the cage. These numbers are also shown on the board.
  • As each number is called, you need to quickly scan your tickets to see if that number is on any of them. If it is, you quickly bring your down to mark the number off.
  • As soon as all your numbers in 1 line, 2 lines or all lines have been filled, you’ve won housie!

Whether you are buying your Bingo tickets at your local club or at your favourite online Bingo site, this UK rules game gives you 3 chances to win for each ticket.