Bingo Sweepstakes

Bingo sweepstakes are special monthly contests that give you the chance to win huge prizes.
In this section we’ll tell you more about the following:

  • Sweepstakes Contest
  • Sweepstakes Advantage

Sweepstakes Contest

Sweepstakes contests are usually divided into different levels:

  • The basic or standard sweepstakes is often a free entry. You simply need to fill out the online form and you will be entered into the contest.
  • There is also usually a higher stakes sweepstakes. You will generally need to make a deposit to enter this one.
  • The prizes in online bingo sweepstakes vary from bonus credit prizes, or a combination of bonus credits and cash, or cash prizes that can be up to thousands of pounds.
  • Standard rules and conditions of the site that runs the contest will apply, as well as specific rules relating to the sweepstakes type, such as only being able to enter once.

Sweepstakes Advantage

The biggest sweepstakes advantage is that it is so simple to enter – all you have to do is choose the sweepstakes, read the rules and enter.
Here are some other advantages to playing sweepstakes:

  • Other than a small entry requirement such as a deposit, most sweepstakes are free to enter.
  • You have a chance to win every single month that you enter.
  • Everyone has exactly the same chance of winning as you can only enter once.
  • The prizes for sweepstakes can reach well into the thousands for the big games, but even the smaller games have good prizes.
  • Entering sweepstakes is very easy and quick, all you have to do is meet the basic requirements and wait to see if you are a winner.
  • The rules are very easy to follow, and generally the most important requirement is that you must be a funded player to participate in the sweepstakes.

Playing sweepstakes is one of the best ways to win a huge prize, and as it’s a draw and totally random, every player has the same chances at winning the big one.
Keep reading to learn more about how you go about entering and winning Bingo sweepstakes.