Bingo Specials

Bingo specials give you a chance to win extra bonus or cash prizes, which you can use to buy more Bingo games.
In this section you will learn more about the following:

  • Best Bingo Specials
  • Find Bingo Specials

Best Bingo Specials

With so many Bingo sites out there, and so many promotions and special offers, how do you find the best Bingo specials?
It’s simple – you need to know what sort of offers to look for to know which specials give you the most benefit.
Here are some things to look out for that will give you the best prizes:

  • Cheap tickets or discounted tickets allow you to buy more tickets for each game, which increases your odds of winning Bingo. Many sites such as William Hill Bingo have Sales Specials where you can get big discounts on tickets during certain times or games.
  • Many sites offer specials for Bingo losers, which give players who haven’t won a chance to win their money back if they fund their account.
  • New players should look out for free money to play the game, which gives a chance to start winning without buying tickets. Prizes from these free games can even be withdrawn after following playthough rules, which makes it excellent value.
  • Monthly prize draws are a very easy way to win huge prizes, simply by playing Bingo! The prizes vary from large cash prizes of £1,000 and over or holidays, home items or just about anything you can imagine.

Find Bingo Specials

If these are all sounding good to you, you are probably wondering how you can find Bingo specials and get in on the extra wins.
There are a number of ways to find specials – all you need to do is follow our tips to ensure the best offers.

  • Ask the Chat Host at your favourite site about the specials for the month, and how you can win.
  • Look for the ‘promotions’ or ‘specials’ page on the Bingo website for a list of specials offered at the site.
  • Check out the game schedule to see what session specials are being played, and when any discount tickets can be purchased.

Bingo specials are a surefire way to earn some extra prizes for your Bingo games.