Bingo Slots Prizes

There are a few Bingo slots prizes that can be won for standard slots games.
In this section you will learn about the following prize options:

  • 3 Reel Slots Jackpots
  • 5 Reel Slots Jackpots
  • Multi Line Slots Jackpots

3 Reel Slots Jackpots

3 reel slots jackpots are the smallest slots game prizes you can win but the easier games to play.
Usually, the payout for these basic slots games is fairly big, but is less than the tougher multi line games.
Here are some examples of possible prizes for 3 reel slots games:

  • If you bet a low coin value and bet max, and you win, you would win the lowest possible prize option.
  • A higher coin value placed on bet max would get you a higher prize, but your chances will be higher to win a single line.
  • As you only need to get 3 symbols in one line, this jackpot would be the easiest to win, even if it is the smallest.

5 Reel Slots Jackpots

5 reel slots jackpots are a bit less easy to win, but can offer you a greater jackpot prize.
In these games, prize options can include the following:

  • If you play a fairly low coin stake, but bet max, that would give you your best jackpot chance.
  • As you need to get 5 symbols, your odds are greater, so you need to increase your stake, but still keep it low to keep to your limit.

Multi Line Slots Jackpots

Multi line slots jackpots are the toughest to win, but if you manage to win one of these prizes, you are sure of a massive win!
Here are a few things to remember when you’re aiming for these jackpots:

  • Remember the coin stake rule when betting max – rather put a lower coin value and bet max on that then a higher coin, as this could bring chances down by staking too much at once.
  • If you’re betting on over 10 lines, then try and choose a game with 3 reels. This keeps your winning odds up, as well as the jackpot total.

Whatever Bingo slots prizes you’re aiming for, make sure you remember your limit!