Bingo Side Games

Bingo side games are a great way for you to win extra cash prizes, and are also a lot of fun to play while you’re waiting for your next Bingo game.
In this section we will tell you more about the following:

  • Playing Bingo Side Games
  • Bingo Side Games Prizes

Playing Bingo Side Games

Playing bingo side games is as easy as pie, and it’s also a lot of fun – especially with the number of great mini games available on the market.
Before you start playing, you should remember to consider the basic rules for playing any game.  Always remember to only bet as much as you can afford, and set yourself a limit before you begin playing.  Bingo side games usually last only a few seconds, so it’s easy to lose track of how many games you’ve played.
Here are some additional tips and pointers on playing mini games:

  • The paytable next to the game will tell you what each game is worth, and will usually tell you what you need to do to win.
  • You will not win every game, as just like Bingo, these games are games of chance.
  • Just as in slots games, betting the maximum number of coins will increase your prize and chances of winning.

Bingo Side Games Prizes

Bingo side game prizes vary depending to the type of mini game being played and the game value, and of course the winning combination.
Here are some examples of the types of prizes you could win:

  • Cops ‘n Robbers scratch card payouts, depending on the symbols you match, could be anything from your 25p back to £1,000.
  • Mini slots payouts could be anything from 50p to £1,000 and over, depending on your stake, the symbols you match and whether the game is progressive or not.
  • Chicken Keno or other keno games payouts vary depending on the numbers you choose, and the bet you place.

Whatever prize you end up winning, and whether you lose a few and win a few, Bingo side games help to boost your winning and are a great way to have some fun in between your Bingo games.