Bingo Numbers

Bingo numbers are the numbers used in the Bingo game which are determined by the Bingo balls and called by the caller.
This is where the calling slang comes in – as instead of just calling out the number, the caller also uses rhyming slang to announce the numbers in a Bingo game.

Bingo Number Board

Learn about Bingo number boards, which reflect the ball numbers as each ball is released from the blower or cage.
Here is how these number boards work:

  • As each ball is dispensed, the caller announces the ball number and enters them onto the board.
  • These numbers are then highlighted on the board for players to see.
  • Also known as the Bingo board or flashboard, number boards can either be used separately or as part of a bingo unit.

Bingo Caller

The Bingo caller calls the numbers of the balls as they come out, and is a vibrant part of the bingo experience.
Here are a few interesting tibits about Bingo calling:

  • In online Bingo, this job is done my special Bingo calling software that comes complete with rhyming slang. This software can be customized to be male or female, and is integrated into the Bingo game.
  • In Bingo halls, the caller position is a highly sought-after job, and the caller is a popular attraction at Bingo games.
  • Many clubs keep the same caller for a number of years, as finding a great caller is a good way to bring in the crowds.
  • Bingo calling is so popular in the industry that there is a Caller Of The Year award given to the caller voted to be the best by players.
  • Bingo caller awards do not result in huge prizes, usually the winner can win a holiday or equivalent prize.
  • Winning the award is considered a huge honour, so striving to be the best caller they can be is done all year round.

The best part of playing online Bingo games is that the software does all the work for you – so you don’t need to mark off your Bingo numbers, the game does it for you.
That means that all you need to do is sit back and have some fun while your numbers are being called. It’s as simple as that!