Bingo Machines

Bingo machines range from advanced portable equipment to all-in-one consoles.
Portable machines are generally made of durable plastic. These machines include a number generator, number display, check board, and jackpot functions.
Consoles are free standing units made of good quality wood. These machines are larger than the portable machines, and generally have more features. Many are fully computerized, which means that the games and features can all be programmed according to your preferences.
The type of machine to get is the machine type that is sure to suit your Bingo needs.
If you simply want your own Bingo game at home to play amongst friends and family, then a smaller portable machine is the best bet.
If you wish to organize Bingo games in your local community, then you would need a bigger and more study machine to ensure a more professional game-flow.

Bingo Cages

The traditional method of mixing and releasing the balls is by placing them into Bingo cages.
The cage resembles a large wire barrel on a stand with an opening on one end and a handle on the other end. The Bingo balls are placed inside and the handle is turned quickly to shake them up well. Once the balls have been mixed, a single ball is released through the opening.
The biggest advantage to using a cage is that they are not very expensive, and they are easy to transport to venues. They are also not very large, so they do not take up much space.

Bingo Flash Board

Bingo flash boards reflect the ball numbers as each ball is released from the blower or cage.
As each ball is dispensed, the caller announces the ball number and enters them onto the board. These numbers are then highlighted on the board for players to see.
Also known as the number board or Bingo board, flash boards can either be used separately or as part of a Bingo unit.
With such a wide variety of each Bingo machine type on the market, choosing a good machine has never been this easy.
To buy machines, take a look at the Bingo Equipment page to find out how to go about purchasing items.