Bingo London

There is nothing like playing Bingo London to make you feel the excitement and buzz of the city’s Bingo halls!
London offers a high-paced, chic city environment for Bingo, which often attracts younger players. This has led to an increase in popularity, with many young folk going out for a few games of Bingo as part of their night out.

Playing Bingo in London

Everyone from regular Bingo lovers to celebrities is playing Bingo in London – and with great vibey clubs all over the city, it’s easy to see the appeal.
Here are a few celebrities who frequent London Bingo halls:

  • When he’s not touring or in concert, Robbie Williams likes to either play at one of his famous friend’s private Bingo parties, or at a club in London.
  • Bubbly and outgoing Denise Van Outen is mad about Bingo, and is said to have even tried to convince her radio co-stars into attending a few sessions at her local Essex club!
  • Kerry Katona, formerly of pop group Atomic Kitten, is a big Bingo fan and loves to catch a game at her local London club.

Bingo Halls in London

The biggest Bingo halls in London are Mecca and Gala, and between them, they make up a staggering 8 million members!
The most common types of halls that can be found in London are the following:

  • Mecca Clubs. Mecca Bingo clubs can be found in almost every town in the UK and Europe. Players can play online via the Mecca online hall or in land bingo halls.
  • Gala Clubs. Gala Bingo comes in a very close second, and is also one of the UK’s leading bingo venues. Gala also offers online games.
  • Local Community Hall. Assuming you live in a busier town or city of course, you may well bump into a famous face at your local hall down the road from you.

The biggest bingo spot in London is the Kilburn Mecca Bingo. Located in what was considered the biggest movie theatre in the country back in 1937, this Italian Renaissance masterpiece is as glitzy a venue as it gets.