Bingo Halls

Bingo halls are venues where land-based games of Bingo are played. These range from small church halls to bigger clubs or parlors, but the aim is still the same… and that is to get Bingo players together for a few games.
In this section we’ll give you some inside information on Bingo halls – where to play, what types of venues are on offer and how you can get to a game in your area.
You’ll be able to find information on halls in the following areas:

  • The UK (London, Scotland as well as across the whole of the UK)
  • America (Finding halls in states across the country)

Bingo Clubs

Bingo clubs are special organisations that meet on a regular basis to play Bingo at a venue in their area.
Halls make the best venues for clubs to use, as they have enough space to set up tables, chairs, caller, machines and anything else needed for the game, such as a snacks and drinks table. Usually a ticket sales table is set up at the entrance of the hall for players to buy their games before finding a seat.
The most commonly used halls for Bingo games include:

  • Church Halls
  • School Halls
  • Community Centers

Playing in halls is cost-effective to hire on a weekly or once-off basis. The downside is that organizers are responsible for setting up the halls and packing up again after the games end.

Bingo Parlors

Bingo is also played in Bingo parlors, which are housed in casinos or entertainment centers.
Parlors are special rooms that have tables and chairs placed in groups. The machines, caller and other equipment are placed in the front and players have the use of a cash bar and snacks.
Generally, players who play Bingo in parlors at casinos tend to be playing for big stakes. Players who prefer the more social side of bingo enjoy the bustling vibe of bingo halls.
Wherever you prefer to play your Bingo game, make sure you choose the best Bingo hall in your area to ensure that you have the best time possible.
Take a look through this section to get an idea of where to play in your area.