Bingo Halls Ireland

Bingo halls Ireland are found in almost every county and city in the country.
Ireland is one of the top bingo playing countries in Europe, coming in very closely behind Britain, Sweden and Spain.

Find Irish Bingo Clubs

It is not hard at all to find Irish Bingo clubs when you know where and how to look.
Bingo is one of the most popular activities in Ireland, despite a drop in numbers since a law was passed to stop smoking in bingo venues in Scotland, Whales and Ireland, with many other UK venues reported to follow suit.
You can find bingo halls around Ireland by doing a search on Google for ‘Bingo Halls Ireland’ or by asking your local community center about games or clubs in your area.

Bingo Hall Directories

Bingo hall directories are another way to find halls in Ireland, by searching for halls in each county.
Some tips to find directories include the following:

  • Use terms like ‘bingo hall directories Ireland’ or ‘Irish Bingo hall lists’ in search engines.
  • The better directories should give you a full list of club names and addresses as well as contact numbers.
  • Directories that allow you to narrow your search fields, E.G. search by city, or by suburb, will help you find specific halls a lot easier.

Irish Bingo Parlors

Bingo is also sometimes played in Irish Bingo parlors, which are housed in casinos or entertainment centers.
Parlors are special rooms that have tables and chairs placed in groups. The machines, caller and other equipment are placed in the front and players have the use of a cash bar and snacks.
Generally, players who play Bingo in parlors at casinos tend to be playing for big stakes. Players who prefer the more social side of Bingo enjoy the bustling vibe of bingo halls.
No matter where you prefer playing, there is sure to be a few Bingo halls Ireland just right for you.