Bingo Game Sessions

Bingo Game sessions are the term given to the hour sessions of games in the game schedule.
In this section we will tell you more game sessions such as the following tips:

  • Bingo Sessions
  • Bingo Session Jackpots

Bingo Sessions

Bingo sessions are time blocks of games in the space of an hour, from the top of the hour though the final game of the hour.
Here is a bit more about sessions and the different names and types to be found:

  • Some sites have special names for each session, which could be basic ‘morning’ ‘lunch’ and ‘evening’ sessions, or more fancy names such as ‘lunchtime mania’ or ‘power hour’ which indicate the specials played in the session.
  • At some sites the sessions are all jackpot games, or discounted ticket sale sessions, or other promotional sessions in which all games during that hour have the special running.
  • Each room or club at a Bingo site will usually have its own special sessions each day, which will sometimes vary from other rooms in terms of price and specials running.
  • Prizes for games in each session can sometimes included guaranteed games, and ticket prices during each session can sometimes stay the same for the whole session.

Bingo Session Jackpots

Bingo session jackpots are special jackpots that are played at the end of the session.
These are very similar to TOH (Top of the Hour) jackpots, except that session jackpots are played at the end of the hour instead of the start of the hour, and the jackpot is only eligible to players who have purchased games throughout the entire session.
Here are a few benefits of playing for session jackpots:

  • The jackpot can often be a guaranteed or fixed jackpot, making it a surefire amount that you could win.
  • Only the players who have played in every game throughout the session can qualify to win the session jackpot, which narrows the odds somewhat.
  • It’s a great way to reward players who have purchased tickets for every game that hour.

Whether you’re playing for the jackpot or just playing a usual game, Bingo game sessions are a good way to keep track of the games played over the hour.