Bingo Equipment

While some may argue that their lucky rabbit foot keychain and comfy cushion count as the basics, these items play second fiddle to the most common Bingo equipment used in a game.
This equipment ranges from Bingo essentials such as tickets or balls, right down to fun novelties such as good luck charms or books.

Bingo Supplies

Here are some of the basic supplies used in the game:

  • Daubers. These are special markers that players use to dab their numbers on their tickets. They come in all colours and shapes, and some are even collectable items.
  • Tickets. These are the 9×3 grid cards that hold all your numbers. As you hear them called, you mark them off of your tickets.
  • Balls. These give the caller the numbers from 1 and 90, which you then mark off. These numbers are randomly selected to keep the games fair.
  • Machines. These all-in-one housie stations include the number board, as well as ball cage or blower to mix the balls, and sometimes a jackpot function.

Buying Bingo Equipment

Buying Bingo equipment can either be done by visiting a specialist sports store, or buy searching for equipment online and buying via internet stores.

Some of the best suppliers can be found at, an online Bingo products store containing a fairly good selection of items.

Purchasing online is quick and simple way to buy your Bingo equipment, as you simply have to find the item you are looking for on the website, check whether the item is in stock and order using secure technology to keep your banking details safe.
Keep reading to find out what type of products and items are used in Bingo.