Bingo Dabbers

Bingo dabbers or daubers are pens with foam-rubber tips that are filled with ink. These are used to mark off numbers on your cards as you hear them called.
In online Bingo games, dabbing can be manual or automatic. Even though the system always keeps track of your cards, you are still able to choose fun dabber styles, colours and shapes to dab your cards.
In land-based Bingo, dabbers come in all shapes and sizes, and almost every season a new colour ink becomes popular with players. Many players keep a six-pack to ensure that they have a few different options on hand.

  • Ink Colours: Dabbers come in a wide assortment of colours, ranging from purple, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange and many more.
  • Tips: Aside from round tips, you can also find paw prints, flowers, stars, hearts, clovers, smiley faces, doves, leaves and many other fun shapes.
  • Shapes: From seasonal Christmas trees, Easter bunnies, cowboys, spacemen, glow in the dark to Elvis dabbers, there‚Äôs something for everyone.

Bingo Markers

Bingo markers are another form of dabber, and are essentially the general term for anything used to mark off Bingo numbers of your cards.
These could be with marker pens, or chips or even with beans, as the game was originally played.

Bingo Chips

Traditionally, marking cards was not done with dabbers but with Bingo chips.
These were simple round plastic or wooden painted chips that were placed over the numbers on the cards. Some churches and halls still use these; however the majority of players daub their numbers with ink these days.
The trend towards daubing was largely due to the following factors:

  • Ink cannot be removed once marked on the card, whereas chips are less permanent.
  • In a crowded hall, chips could easily be bumped off the cards when the game got too exciting.
  • While ink created a need for disposable cards, it still meant not losing and replacing chips after every game.
  • These days, most players keep their own daubers, and halls only need provide the cards.

Whether you prefer to keep things simple or add some spice into your bingo, bingo dabbers can bring a lot of fun into the game.