Bingo Chat Etiquette

We know it’s meant to be fun, but Bingo chat etiquette is so important to ensure that the chat room is a safe, friendly and tolerant place for all of us.
In this section we’ll tell you more about the following:

  • Bingo Chat Tips
  • Bingo Chat Ethics

Bingo Chat Tips

Remember, the most important rule in the chat room is to be friendly and nice. Follow those basic rules and you will always make friends in the chat.
These Bingo chat tips will make sure that you stay a popular and considerate player:

  • Not everyone is there to chat – some players may be shy or not in the room.
  • Make new players and old players feel welcome by greeting them in the chat.
  • Remember that the Chat Host is in charge, so make his or her job easier by remembering the rules.
  • Congratulate players when they get a win. It’s a great feeling, and it makes it even more special to be able to share it with your bingo friends.
  • In most bingo sites, using CAPS is a bit like shouting. Chat Hosts usually use this font style as well, so remember to only use lowercase.
  • If you have any technical or game issues, don’t complain in the chat, but rather use the proper channels. The chat is meant for fun and socializing, not support.

Bingo Chat Ethics

Bingo chat ethics are extremely important to note, as running the risk of offending a fellow player could really ruin not only their bingo fun, but it could also get you banned from your site.
These ethics guidelines should always be considered:

  • No racial, prejudice, pornographic, violent, harmful or hateful speech is allowed in any chat room. That also applies to the nickname you choose when you join a new bingo site.
  • Avoid any religious comments, debates or discussions. This could be potentially offensive and upsetting.
  • Also avoid political discussions. Again this could upset players with opposing views.

If you remember to follow the Bingo chat etiquette, you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself knowing that you are considering your fellow players.