Bingo Cards

Bingo cards vary depending on the type of Bingo game being played.
The two types of Bingo games are as follows:

  1. 90 Ball Bingo: This game uses 90 numbers, and games are won on lines.
  2. 75 Ball Bingo: This game uses 75 numbers, and games are won on patterns.

Bingo Card Patterns

Bingo card patterns are mostly used in 75 Ball games, and the game is won when a player completes the set pattern.

  • The 75 Ball game card is arranged in a 5×5 block format, which contain 25 of a possible 75 numbers, with the middle square always left blank.
  • The grids have 5 rows, each starting with the letters of the word BINGO.
  • Patterns include Stars, Squares, Shapes, Letters, Numbers, Any Corner, Blackout and anything else you could think of.

90 Ball cards are known as tickets, and these have 5 out of a possible 90 numbers. There is no pattern to be won, but players need to fill lines to win.

  • 90 Ball tickets have 3 rows containing 9 squares. Each ticket has randomly selected numbers from 1 to 90, which are no particular order. There are no letters, and only 5 squares in the row contain numbers, the others are left blank.
  • Housie wins are not determined on patterns, but rather on the number of lines won. Players can either win 1 line, 2 lines or Full House (all 3 lines).

Bingo Card Numbers

As the Bingo card numbers come out of the ball cage or blower, the caller announces the number.
In 75 Ball games, the numbers also contain a letter from B, I, N, G and O, and when they are called, this letter will also be called.
For instance, the caller would call ‘B1’, ‘N30’ or ‘O75’ as each ball is displayed.
In 90 Ball games, the numbers do not have letters, but calling slang is used to announce each number.
As we have discussed in the Bingo Calls page, calling slang is a fun tradition in which rhymes are used alongside the numbers as they are called.
From classic 90 number Bingo to US 75 number Bingo, Bingo cards are an essential element of the game.