Bingo Books

Learning about Bingo has never been this fun, and with a huge range of great Bingo books on the market, anyone can learn about the game.
From fun educational tools to highly useful comprehensive guides for Bingo, you have a number of options to learn more about the game from a practical standpoint.

Educational Bingo

Educational Bingo is a fun variation of Bingo, often used in school lessons.
Types of educational games using the Bingo format include the use of pictures, symbols, words or other number replacements. The player then needs to mark off the picture when they see the matching picture.
This type of game is very important for memory skills, and is often used in occupational therapy sessions as a memory game. Children as young as four years can play this form of Bingo.
Many schools host Bingo evenings, which are attended by adults and children alike. For children who have the advantage of knowing how the game works, this means they have just as a good a winning chance as their parents.

Bingo Guides

Bingo guides cover all aspects of the game, and can either be useful references for players wanting to learn more about the odds of winning, and how to use this to their advantage, as well as for bingo novices wanting to learn how the game is played.
These books are usually illustrated with charts and diagrams showing how the game is played, and usually has step-by-step instructions. This makes it easy for readers to understand and follow the tips.
We have put together a list of popular guides to help you improve your Bingo skills and learn more about the game.
Here are the best guides for Bingo that offer the most concise information:

  1. Gambling Times Guide to Bingo
  2. Art of Playing Bingo and Winning Consistently
  3. Basics of Winning Bingo
  4. The Bingo Trap : The Bingo Addict’s Bible
  5. Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling
  6. BuzzWord Bingo

Whether you are just looking to learn more about Bingo by reading Bingo books, or wanting to give your child a bingo boost, learning can now be as fun as it is rewarding.