Bingo Betting

Bingo betting is a fun side-game that allows you to place bets on the outcome of the Bingo game to win extra prizes.
In this section we will tell you more about the following aspects of Bingo game bets:

  • Bingo Betting Rules
  • Play Bingo Bets

Bingo Betting Rules

Bingo betting rules are fairly simple and straightforward – you simply need to guess the outcome of the winning ball.
There are a number of different outcomes you can choose to bet on, from colour to order or number.
Here are some of the basic rules for betting on Bingo games:

  • First Ball – you need to guess the number of the first ball out to win this game.
  • Last Ball – you need to guess the number of the last or winning ball to win this game.
  • Colour – you need to guess the colour of the winning ball to win this game.
  • Odd or Even – you need to guess whether the winning ball will be odd or even to win this game.

Play Bingo Bets

There are number of good sites that offer the chance for you to play Bingo bets, you simply need to choose the site that offers the best prizes and betting options.
Here are some things to look for when choosing a Bingo bets game:

  • Does the game give you a variety of betting options such as first ball out and last ball out? This makes the betting more fun and gives you more variety.
  • Are the betting games fun to play? This may seem unimportant, but some games are more fun to play than others, which add an extra element of entertainment.
  • Does the game offer good prizes for winning bets? The paytables for bets usually varies depending on the bet.
  • Does the site offer well priced betting games? Game prices are usually between 20p and £1, with the higher prices offering higher payouts.

Whether you have a knack for betting, or just enjoy the fun of calculating a lucky guess, Bingo bets are a fun side game that also offers a bit of thinking and estimating to work your brain cell a teeny bit.