Bingo Accessories and Novelties

Wondering what to get the player who has everything? Bingo extras are a great idea to give a friend who loves Bingo, and needn’t cost you too much either.
Here are some fun gift ideas:

  • A travel Bingo set to keep in the car for long drives, or to use in the doctor’s waiting room or at the beach.
  • A set up special dabbers in fun shapes to suit their style.
  • A coupon or gift certificate at their favorite club or online Bingo site.

Bingo Accessories

Bingo accessories range from basic items that you simply can’t go without, to good luck charms, quirky items just for a gag or great gift ideas.
Some examples of common accessories include the following items:

  • Bingo Cushion to protect yourself against those hard chairs.
  • Bingo dabbers in a few different colours.
  • Sellotape to stick your cards down if you are playing a number at once.

But before you get carried away stocking up on these cool items, make sure you get a bingo bag to keep all your things safe – this includes your daubers and anything else you need.

Bingo Novelties

From practical to sometimes unbelievable, Bingo novelties are weird and wonderful accessories. These items take Bingo fun to a whole new dimension!

  • Rabbit’s Foot. Many players keep a rabbit’s in a pouch around their neck to bring them luck.
  • B-12 Earrings. Almost as big as the real thing, these mini-ball earrings are worn for luck and fashion.
  • Four Leaf Clover Keyrings. These bring round-the-clock good luck, especially if coupled with the above items.
  • Drinks Holder. Whether it’s keeping drinks warm or cold or just making it easier to hold still, it makes things easier to focus on the game.
  • Bingo Control Pills. For those moments when sweets are the only thing to calm them down during particularly tense moments, these are essential.

Whatever your choice, Bingo extras are sure to bring fun into the game.