Online Bingo Games

If you love online Bingo games as much as we do, and want to learn more about the best game on the internet, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here you will find extensive resources and information on everything to do with online Bingo – one of the most popular online games in history. Take your pick from online Bingo terms, trivia, tips, variations, side games and the best online Bingo reviews – everything you have ever wanted to know about the game.

Online Bingo

Bingo NumbersOnline Bingo has evolved from the traditional Bingo games grannies loved to play at their local clubs or halls, into a hugely popular online game that is played by everyone from younger women to celebrities.

The online trend that lets you play bingo for money shows no sign of slowing down either, and with new versions and improved software, online Bingo games seem to be getting even more popular!

You will learn everything you have ever wondered about the online game of Bingo, and how it made its rise from the carnival stalls of long ago to the laptops of the rich and famous in current times.

Here are some of the helpful resources you can access on this website:

  • History of Bingo. Learn more about the origins on the Bingo game, as well as traditional Bingo calls used in landbased and online games.
  • How to Play Bingo. This is where you can learn about playing the game, the game rules, numbers, cards, chat, types of Bingo and much, much more.
  • Bingo Halls. Find out more about where you can play Bingo, wherever you are in the country.
  • Bingo Equipment. Discover what supplies you need to play the game, from basic items to the fun and fabulous!

UK Bingo

Here in the United Kingdom, traditional UK Free Bingo is about as British as a cup of tea. This is the Bingo we all know and love – played the old fashioned way.

You will also learn about other Bingo types played elsewhere in the world, but we will mainly focus is the UK type, as this is the game you will most likely be playing (and hopefully winning!).